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Uffizi’s Flag Wavers

Uffizi’s Flag Wavers

Our group has a precise analytical reference of the history of the city as it represents the main Magistracy and the Offices existing in the Florentine Republic of XVI century. At present it takes part in the Florentine Historical Football; the traditional game of the city, which gave birth to the modern football

We are the only ones who represent Florence in the exact meaning of the historical costumes and insignia in the rich curriculum of our ancient existence. Additionally, we can boast our presence in lots of very important sporting or historical recalling exhibitions.

Known in Italy, in Europe and as well as overseas – everywhere, we have been appreciated for the original and spectacular nature of our performances. In addition to that, cultural reasons can be added to this athletic and scenographic essence of ours; unlike other groups of Italian flag-throwers more or less famous in international contests, as we represent the true origins of football – one of the most sports played and spread all over the five continents.

Present many times at the Columbus day celebrations in America; our group has shown all its cleverness in Rome for the opening of the Olympic Games and of the European Football Championship. Whereas, in Barcelona (Spain) for “The World Cup” and in Japan as well in Brazil – wherever being successful not only in the name of Florentine.

Bandierai degli Uffizi are the Official Flagwavers of Florence, they belong to the hystorical “Corteo Storico della Repubblica Fiorentina” and to the famous “Calcio Storico Fiorentino“, the traditonal ancient game of Florence. Is the only one flagwavers’ Group that officially and institutionally represents the City of Florence. Their 45 years of history mean a long experience an a skill brought and appreciated all over the world.

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